Wednesday, 7 November 2007


Following the recent posts, I have had a lot of questions. Many of them have focused on the same subject area, suggesting that a few clarifications are in order:

  1. I don't always get into fights
  2. I don't actually like fights
  3. The fact that I have been posting less frequently recently is a function of how busy I have been rather than a sign that all I have been doing is fighting
  4. If I had been fighting, I would have told you all about it
  5. Yes, the people who pay me to be in an office during the day from Monday to Friday have been putting more demands on me so I have had less time to write
  6. No, I am not bored of doing this - I hope that you are not bored of me doing this either
  7. No, the reduced frequency of posts has not been because I am reluctant to follow readers' advice and inhale more live insects for your amusement.
  8. Yes, I am reluctant to do that but no it is not the root cause.

I hope that helps. If you too have a bee in your bonnet and would like the opportunity to rant about things occasionally then please let me know by emailing (removing the capital letters obviously) and we can chat about making you an author.

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