Saturday, 14 July 2007

Here's mud in your... teeth

Given the brief improvement in the weather, I thought that I would take my power-kite and my board on to the heath and have a little play. The wind is gusting quite well and it was a good chance to get some practice in. I bought my kites in January, and the board in March. I am now rather good on the kites (I like to think), but I have not yet mastered the board. I usually manage to get a short way and then realise that I can't yet turn or stop, and I have to jump off.

Today, a burst of courage gripped me, and I brought the kite into the wind. It felt fabulous for a couple of moments, but then I brought it too far into the wind. The next think I knew, I was sliding forward on my belly, with the board behind me. I now have mud all over me, and because the adrenaline gave me a huge grin I also have small clods of earth and grass in my teeth.

Does anyone know of a good instructor? Or, failing that, a good local dental hygienist who gives discounts for weekly visits? Because I am going to need one or the other.

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