Thursday, 26 July 2007

Railways in good security shocker

Yesterday, according to the BBC, two Daily Mirror journalists were arrested trying to put a fake bomb on a train. They argued that they were just doing it in the interests of investigative journalism - after all, a number of other tabloid stories have been run over the years about lax security. People have smuggled fake bombs on to planes (including one full of marzipan, which apparently smells like semtex), got jobs at Buckingham Palace, that sort of thing.

All well and good, but doesn't the fact that they were arrested suggest that the security worked this time? Which is fantastic news. Therefore, shouldn't the Mirror have stuck to its principles and run the story on its front page today?

Railways in GOOD SECURITY shocker

Britain was in a state of non-SHOCK yesterday as its railways resisted an ATTACK by tabloid journalists with a fake bomb. Security procedures on the railways were found to be TOTALLY EFFECTIVE when the two unnamed terrorists were spotted, and promptly ARRESTED before they could put the non-device on the train.

I might send them the story.

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