Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I'm not hugging these hoodies

We came home yesterday and found our building's gardening company at work in the grounds. They aren't the best gardeners, but they do a reasonable job for the money. Anyway, they now have a couple of younger guys working for them, who I estimate to be between 16 and 18. Anyway, these two went on to turn in the following performance:

  • Smoking in our stairwell, stinking it out
  • Shouting and swearing when walking around the flat
  • Leering at Mrs Gripe (understandable given her beauty but not really acceptable)
  • 'Pruning' by walking along the edges of the lawn with a hedge-trimmer cutting off anything that overhung, including the flowers

Suffice to say that I wasn't very happy. It occurred to me that their behaviour (vandalising plants, illicit smoking, leering, shouting and swearing) was such that we would have called the police, if we hadn't been paying them. The youth of today...

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