Sunday, 26 August 2007

Emergency on planet earth

Sorry to anyone who was living for my next post and has had to wait three days. I can explain - the sun came out and I decided to try and resurrect things between us. So Friday night's post didn't happen, and yesterday I was all about going driving in the sunshine and then sitting out drinking beer in the sunshine (no, I didn't drive home).

Friday night did, however, bring the subject for this post. And thanks to Jamiroquai for its title.

I now have proof, after what happened on Friday night, and it is imperative that we all now do something to save the planet. You see, we were in our favourite local bar and I ordered a glass of the fleurie that I am partial to.

Major: A large glass of fleurie, please
Barkeep: No
Major: Why not?
Barkeep: Global Warming

As we all know, bar tenders don't lie about anything. They only speak the truth. So that's it. It's official now, and I'm panicking.

Never mind rising sea levels - I live on higher ground so all I will get is the beach coming to my doorstep. That's just cool. Never mind forest fires and droughts and deluges and famine and pestulence. We all know that the weather can be erratic. It has now hit wine suppliers.

This has shown me the true way. People, you need to stop burning fossil fuels. If we work together we can recycle our way out of global warming.

And then I can have my fleurie back.

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Charles Pooter said...

At least you can ask for "fleurie" without getting glassed. Try that in Eltham.