Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Tobacco mongerers

An interesting time at today's team-building day. One of the learning experiences for me from outside the day's main points happened at lunchtime.

Also at the hotel for a function were a group from a large tobacco company. I had never really seen tobacco company executives before, and I don't know what I was expecting, but I was struck by how normal they looked. A little dull, even. I suppose that even serial killers look like everyone else, and so there is no reason why these people would have hideous deformities or crazed, evil and soulless expressions. However irrational it may be, I was a little surprised.

One thing that I have to say in their support is that straight after their food about 90% of them went outside for a cigarette. Good to see them living and, more crucially, dying by their product.

Anyway, on a personal note I'd like to thank the organisers of today when you read this.

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Owain said...

I guess the problem that some people have with the tobacco industry is that believe it deliberately targets vulnerable individuals with the express intention of getting them addicted to nicotine from an early stage.

Now that may or may not be a valid viewpoint, but it would be interesting to know whether they not only endorse their products through smoking, but believe that the tactics the industry uses are justified given the end results. I guess we'll have to wait for your next team building day to find out!