Monday, 20 August 2007

Who's the Daddy?

Mrs Gripe and I are now fertility experts. We have very possibly enabled the creation of a new human life with our insights. A couple who we were talking to mentioned that after a long period of trying to conceive, they have been through IVF with no success (incidentally, acupuncture is said to have remarkable results that are much higher than IVF). At one stage during the conversation, we managed to pose the awkward question of how often they actually, you know, tried to have a baby. "The normal amount", they replied. A little tact discovered the root of the problem. 'The normal amount', for these two, was once every month or two months - furthermore they were sticking to this during their attempts to conceive, without checking the timing to see if conception was even possible. A little explanation of the mechanics of babymaking demonstrated to them the need for rather more frequent post-nuptials. Like, every day around that time, dickheads.

Aside from lamenting the grave failure of education establishment that dragged them through their GCSEs, I wonder how many other people out there might need such advice as this, and what income this may bring?

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