Thursday, 23 August 2007

The Red Weasel

Well it looks like that loathsome, impish and throughly punchable mayor of ours has been on a mission to screw over the facts to push his own agenda again (does this sound more like the carping of old, Will?).

Posts by Greenwich Watch and Little Man, What Now are giving coverage to a subject that I posted on some time ago - the mysterious canning of the Blackwall Tunnel tidal flow arrangement. An enterprising journalist from Little Man used the Freedom of Information Act (I have just learnt how to do links) to get hold of a copy of a report commissioned by TfL on the tidal flow.

It shows that they knew, according to their own research, that ending the tidal flow would have a negative environmental impact and increase congestion on the south side of the tunnel. It also shows that the cost of maintaining it was relatively very low, and that it would not reduce accidents significantly because there was no significant increase in the accidents from the tidal flow. As you may recall, TfL stated this as their reason for stopping it and their website said that they would give CCTV footage to anyone who asked for it. My previous post described how they were obstructive when I asked for it.

So, Ken Livingstone, to use your own words, there is a chiselling little crook somewhere close to this. And you can bet your knackers to a barn dance that he isn't American.

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