Monday, 22 October 2007

Did you miss me?

All was quiet here on Saturday because I figured that since half of you were at Gripe Hall anyway I could just talk to you. Then yesterday my head hurt, as I'm sure did most of yours. To the other half of you, I hope you enjoyed those bits of the weekend that didn't involve defeats for British sportspeople.

Mrs Gripe sprang a surprise on me at the weekend: an early birthday present, my very own Wii. I'm not really a games person but I really wanted one. My verdict? Awesome - really great fun. My back hurts a bit today from playing it yesterday, but at least that's better than it would have been if the boxing on Saturday night had been real instead of punching towards the TV.

I tried the fitness age test yesterday and it told me that my fitness age is 70. I like to think that it was more of a feature of not knowing what to do while it was firing tennis balls and baseballs at me, but the irony is that the day afterwards I am actually walking like a 70-year old.

All I can say is: get one.

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