Sunday, 7 October 2007

Sloping back down under

The most enjoyable element of England beating Australia in any game and on any occasion is how it seems to affront the Aussies. There is always the predictable mind-games ahead of any fixture and then carping afterwards - especially moaning about being robbed.

Yesterday's result is a great example of this. Now it wasn't the most dignified or noble win ever - I won't pretend that it is. But it was delicious for that - they were beaten by an England team from whom nobody had expected much (if anything) at all.

More details about this emerged today when it was revealed that the Aussie team, such was its confidence, didn't even have any travel plans to get home. That meant that they have had to fly back to London tonight, and will have to stay here overnight before flying back to Australia tomorrow.

I'm guessing Heathrow airport. If anyone wants to join me, I'll be the former military man in civvies wandering around looking for deflated antipodean rugby stars to abuse - they just make it so easy.

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