Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sitting ugly

What is it with those people on the train who, when sitting in the aisle next to an empty seat, and when you ask to sit down, glare at you and give the slightest movement of their knees to indicate that you should lift your large, heavy bag up high and struggle past them through the short gap to take the seat? Not only does it seem like really bad manners, but surely it would be much easier for them to shuffle across and let you sit by the aisle.

I have taken it upon myself to make it easier for them. I am doing this by turning the moving your knees slightly and glaring approach into the much, much harder (and more painful) approach. It is amazing how my motor skills deteriorate during that struggle past them. Almost uncanny. My bag always seems to knock into their kneecaps and I always seem to stumble and accidentally tread on their feet. Full of apologies, naturally. One wouldn't wish to be ill-mannered.

I calculate that I will have changed the culture on Southeastern Railway by the time I retire, in 30 years.

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Vindico said...

Keep at it! I love watching people on trains, their expressions, looks, glances, tutting etc. Very amusing.
Perhaps you should just not ask and simply perch on the edge of their aisle seat, making them extremely uncomfortable and forcing them to shift over. Not a word needs to be said.