Tuesday, 2 October 2007

Relax the tax, man

Yesterday the duty on fuel increased, no doubt as some sort of green tax. BP was among the first to say that they would be passing the cost on to customers, according to the BBC.

I'm sure that what I am about to say will have me villified by the same sort of people who went for Scott Adams when he alluded to an interview with Bjorn Lomborg. I really don't care, I'm not making any judgements on climate change.

What I would like to suggest is that it is plainly not working. Not I nor anyone I know makes the decision to drive or not based on the price of fuel. Many of us make it for green reasons, but the price of fuel is not the driver. An extra 2p will be fine to splurge on striking public sector workers but will not make an ounce of difference.

As well as better transport, we need another system to reduce people's use of their cars. What about personal carbon allowances and trading? Perhaps Gordie could look at that? Not only would it be something to cap carbon emissions, but it would potentially be a source of revenue for poorer people.

It's just a thought. Does anyone else have any ideas?

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