Thursday, 20 September 2007

Big Trouble In Little... Peru

Strange things are afoot in deepest, darkest, southern Peru. It appears that everyone has become ill in a small town where a meteorite struck. This could, in many ways, be alarming. Perhaps H.G.Wells is uncannily accurate in his prediction that lifeforms do not react well to extra-terrestrial bacteria and viruses.

Or, on the other hand, it could be total crap. I say this as a person who has a good knowledge of (and a deep love of) Peru after three visits there and a year living and working there as a teacher and interpreter in the high Andes and in Lima. One of the things that should be celebrated most about Peru is the industriousness of those who feel indignant at not sharing in the successes of the capital city, Lima. They conjure up all sorts of ways to get a piece of the action. This includes, in extreme cases, faking phallic tourist attractions. Let's see if there is any proof this time...

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