Monday, 3 September 2007

Bunch of useless, lazy...

Why exactly are London Underground workers striking again? Is £40k for a 35-hour week for an unskilled job not good enough for them? And all week, on the week back to work? I can't believe them - they totally warrant the description of them from the classic song.

During the 2002 strikes, I was at Kings Cross when the strike started, having missed the last connection before the strike started. I went to the gates that had closed off access to the Northern Line, intending to cut through to the Thameslink station. Passing the Northern Line platform, I
heard a train so I went to look. It turns out that they were running a service to take themselves home. I mean, deny us the service and still run it for yourselves at our expense?

I was pretty incensed, so I decided to get on the train with a plan of refusing to get back off. Thankfully they didn't clock me until we had set off, so I sat enduring their old-school socialist solidarity songs. When asked for my view, I was pretty frank - and was especially candid about my view of the suggestion that they should earn £90k per year. One of them responded "well, that's no different to a CEO seeing his shares go through the roof". OK, so it wasn't a good idea, but I couldn't let that stand and pointed out to him that steering a company into massive growth, and running a train sort of on time, were hardly equal achievements and hardly deserved comparison.

That was their view, though, that they should get lucky on their earnings because some other people do - and hang the expense. Can't anyone stop them and frog-march their crapulent arses back to work?

I will finish with a quote from the great song about them: 'They're all greedy ****s, I'd like to shoot them all with a rifle."

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