Thursday, 13 September 2007

There'll always be an En-ger-land

You couldn't script this stuff. England goes to football world cup expecting to win it. Packed with oodles of talent. And Theo Walcott. Turns out average performance and quarter final exit to first big team. Then the assistant coach takes charge. Qualification looks like it may be in doubt despite the new oodles of talent.

Then two matches close together. The new big stars all injured or suspended. Some players brought in from lower in the pecking order, and others recalled from the wilderness. Including Emile Heskey, chief fodder for the boo-boys for so long. And what happens? 6 points. 6 goals. Owen proves why we can't do without him, and Heskey earns his place over Wayne Rooney. And also provides an aerial threat that is superior to that offered by our 6'7" striker. Classsic.

Also, congratulations are due to Scotland for a top performance. I hope to see you joining us in the finals.

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