Thursday, 6 September 2007

Shining whit

I am a peaceful man by nature and I try to see (despite many of the posts in this blog) the best in things and in people. But I have to say that if I had the chance, I would put that five-bellied, quarter-witted numbskull agitator Bob Crow against the wall and blast his brains out with a blunderbuss.

What is the point of him? Yet again there was a strike on the tube over nothing, yet again he was deliberately trying to cause trouble for its own sake, and yet again when the strike finally ends (after getting the same assurances before as after the strike) the lazy Number-One-Hits that pretend to maintain tube lines hold off from hauling their rabid arses back to work for another 12 hours. Genuine safety checks would have meant firing most of them before they got back into work, not allowing them to carry on their stupid wannabe comrade crap back into the underground system. Have they forgotten the photos a few years ago of tube engineers drunk at work and sleeping on the lines during shifts?

No-one outside Bob Crow's own mirror could possibly think that the man is anything other than complete rabid festering turd. The thing that is worst about him is that despite being a former card-carrying communist he isn't even a decent one. If Marx were alive today and writing a column in the Observer or the Morning Star or some such, he would haul Bob Crow over the coals in the same way that he pulled apart the French socialist revolutionaries in The Communist Manifesto. He doesn't advance anything that his proclaimed doctrine should try to advance. I am no communist (far from it, as you will find out in tomorrow's post) but I have a deep interest in Marx and have actually read many of his works. Under Crow, workers' protected rights basically means that they continue to be bound to the apparatus of the employer, be it bourgeois or state. Meaning that they don't have the freedoms that Marxists argue that they should have. In fact, he has a perverse incentive - to maximise union membership (surely the aim as witnessed by all of the union consolidation over recent years) he must take big, 'bold' public action against 'the system'. His incentive is to appear to be taking action, not to be working for the long term achievement of the members' rights. Hence the fact that every other union called off their strikes based on the guarantees that they got, and RMT only called their strikes off after they got identical guarantees repeated to them. Clearly public posturing. Even Ken Livingstone proclaimed this strike pointless, and readers who know me well will know how much pain it causes me to use him on my side in an argument.

I have tried to find out how much the pork-porting reprobate has enriched himself thorugh his leadership of RMT. It is not a matter of public record. Does anyone know? I will bet that the smug fool has a 7-figure asset base out of his posturing.

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