Monday, 24 September 2007

A plague on both your houses

Never assume that all the gumph you hear about western democracy translates into open and honest government. If you are in danger of assuming it, look at Greenwich Council and Ken Livingstone.

It appears that Greenwich Watch, Little Man, this blog and many others are on to something when we predict that all of the games played with the Blackwall Tunnel are a cynical plot to create enough of a problem in Greenwich to permit a triumphal entry of the congestion charge.

It's like those films that are supposed to have a clever twist, but actually the ending is pretty obvious to anyone with half a brain. The decent man loses again, Ken screws over the Gripe household (earning himself the nickname c**t) another time, and the whole farce carries on for another revolution. I may be bored of writing about it, but I'll be on the front line when we resist this hairy trucker (rhyming slang) and his plans to bleed us dry of yet more money.

You may win this time, Ken, but it's not over between us. I will have my day. Ya ha ha ha ha.....

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